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Friday, December 16, 2011

Getting ready for the holidays.

Oh, to be a child again at the holidays...

I snatched a few shots of O this evening after our bath and before bed time in front of our wonderful Christmas tree. I love the way it lights everything up, so much so that it's always so sad to take it down at New Year's.

In planning for this holiday season, and coordinating schedules with siblings, I remember what it was like to celebrate the holidays as a child. Amie texted me today, amidst a discussion about what time we would be over Christmas morning. "Great! Come have nugget (Oliver) wake me up like you and Sarah used to do." I also distinctly remember being able to hear my brother (through the air vents) wrapping our presents with newspaper last minute on Christmas Day.

Sure, I celebrated holidays in Connecticut, New York, California, Louisiana, Colorado, and many places in between... but nonetheless, the excitement that surrounds the entire season is unmatchable. I can't wait to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah this year with Oliver, and next year when he's bit more clued into it all - and we can do Elf on a shelf :)

I'll post sometime soon about a fantastic story we got from my Dad and Candy, about a little boy who celebrates both holidays as well!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm a Theta, she's a Theta....

Today was like a mini sorority/college reunion in NY. Three friends (Melissa, Melissa, Stacy) and I hung out while semi-watching (?) some football. Melissa #1 lives in Boston (Hi Flem!) and it's been over a year since I've seen her, but we Skype pretty regularly so it never seems like it's been as long as it has. She just got engaged, bought a dress (gah!), set a date, and is in full wedding mode - with an awesome ring too, all three of them ;-) Melissa #2 lives in Pennsylvania and drove up with her adorable two kids (Chloe, 2 1/2, and Avery, 3 weeks younger than Oliver). Stacy and I get to see each other every two weeks or so now that we're so close, but she hadn't seen either of the Melissas in 3 and 4 years! It's always nice when friends get together, we had a blast. Oliver was also pretty infatuated with both Chloe and Avery. He was chatting away with them at lunch, and was so excited about the day in general that he (oops!) forgot to take his afternoon nap. He did snooze for about 10" while we were walking Stella which made for a fun dinner/bedtime. Anyway, here's a self-timer parking lot photo of all of us:

l to r: Avery, Melissa #2, Chloe, Melissa #1, Stacy, O, Moi.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who's that baby in the mirror? :)

Just took this video, and it's a pretty good summation of what O is like these days :)
VERY mobile... very curious... and very adventurous.

I give the whole walking thing until the end of 2011.... we'll see!

Friday, November 25, 2011


These are some of the things I am thankful for this year:

I've come to the conclusion that my family (the mixed-up assortment of nationalities, religions and even other families, we all are) is more concerned with 'tradition' than 'religion' although some of them overlap.

My favorite tradition (as I put on a friend's Facebook post this week) is about Christmas ornaments. Each year, my thoughtful mother spends hours searching for, or even making, personalized ornaments of something momentous and eventful that has happened in our lives that year. They are almost all easily remembered, like the year Sarah learned to read all by herself, or the year Amie played at MSG during intermission. It's always fun to guess what we're going to have as our ornament each year, and most of the time we are right on with the guesses. Last year, ours was a pregnant couple, and this year, we got an adorable framed picture of O.

After pondering, I've come to the conclusion that this tradition began the year Sarah was born (1992), when we each received a small photo ornament with our picture inside. (Some photos could be used as bribery these days). As we "kids" grow up and have our own Christmas trees (side note: yes, I had a bat mitzvah... that's for another post's explanation), this is absolutely a tradition I plan on keeping with my own family. Since Ben and I have lived together (this will be our fifth (?!?!) Christmas together), we have gotten each other ornaments and I've given him a photo ornament with a picture of us in it. I think it will be cute to look back at these photos years from now, and to show them to Oliver. Just as much fun as we have looking at photos of ourselves from nineteen years ago. (gasp!)

Yep. That WHOLE tree has personalized ornaments on it. Not a single one that one of us doesn't have a story (or ten) about. Talk about a conversation piece. Fam, I love you guys!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Almost 9 months old...

Yep, tomorrow Oliver is 9 months old. 40 weeks. I can NOT believe it. I know I say this every month, and have been, but I just don't know how else to say it. Next Thursday marks his 41w1d 'birthday' - now, why would that be important? Because Oliver was born after spending 41 weeks and 1 day with me. So this will mark the time at which he's spent equal amounts of time in both 'locations' (?)

I've been taking a bunch of videos lately, just haven't gotten around to putting them on here. Oliver is quite active these days, pulling up onto anything he can get his hands on (couch, play yard, chair, bookshelf, mirror, dog, wall....) and it's amusing to watch. He can cruise pretty well (as seen above on the couch) and around things like the bed, saucer, and play yard. I'm just waiting for the day he tries to take a step between the bed and couch. I give it another 3-4 weeks or so. He has been fascinated with Ben's tennis rackets, and even more so the stringing machine that has (temporarily!) taken up residence in our bedroom.
He has also become increasingly more infatuated with Stella. She, on the other hand, is possibly beginning to not feel the same way. He pulls up onto her, tugs at every piece of hair he can grab, but does laugh and smile at her when she walks into a room. She especially loves when he doesn't eat all of his puffs.

Hope everyone (whoever actually reads this!) has a lovely Thanksgiving with their families :) I'll put up some pictures and maybe a video or five of our delish celebration and cute Thanksgiving jammies.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Porters do Colorado....

Ben, Oliver and I went to Colorado right before Halloween (sorry, it's been 2 weeks!) to see some family. It was a GREAT trip, but a long plane ride. (4 1/2 hours there turned into more than 6 because of bad weather in NYC and a 26-plane long waiting line for takeoff!)

We got to see MY cousins (Jessica and Danielle - who is due in February), and my aunt and uncle. I'm pretty sure I haven't seen them since our wedding in 2008? Is that possible? Anyway, Oliver loved them, even though he slept through the baseball game.

Oliver also got to hang out with HIS cousins.
(from left to right: Oliver - 8 months, Braelyn - 5 months, Broady - 18 months, A.J. - 6, Dillon - 2 months)
It was A.J.'s 6th birthday (10/31) and it was so good to see my step-sisters, Mikaela (mom to Broady, AJ and Dillon), Merin (mom to Braelyn) and McKenna (dog mom to Charlie, Stella's long lost best friend).

Plus, Oliver got to hang out with Grandpa!

My ever-so-Americanized husband scheduled it so we could see the Broncos/Lions game. (It was pretty abysmal, although we had fun!)

Once again, my little O is a super traveler, which is a VERY good thing considering he has family all over the world! After the trip to Colorado, Ben is reconsidering taking O (at age 14 months) to England in the spring.... we will see!

Our return to North Carolina....

Last week, Oliver and I traveled to North Carolina for a few days (Sunday-Wednesday), and I'm pretty proud of the entire trip. We have become EXPERT packers and travelers, and my little man is a SUPERSTAR on the airplane. We checked one suitcase and the car seat, and brought the diaper bag (and lunch box) along with an umbrella stroller and BabyErgo. Anyway, here are some highlights of our trip:

Oliver met his future girlfriend, Madeline Elizabeth.
(She was 2 1/2 weeks old, it's okay, he's into younger women)

We got to see Brian (Madeline's Daddy) snuggling before he left on business for a few days. (That's the main reason why we went down.)

Oliver got to see "Uncle" Chris!
Chris is still living in Fayetteville, but we're hoping he moves up north sometime soon. Oliver LOVES him, and we certainly miss him a lot! (That's Chris' bottle, by the way, I did NOT give my child Coke Zero....)

We went for walks, and hung out at the park. The weather was BEAUTIFUL and 70 degrees. We DO miss the North Carolina weather, that's for sure!

Align CenterIt was a great trip, and made us very thankful to have such wonderful friends, even if they are far away. If I weren't at home with O, this trip would not have been possible!

Kristin and I decided that if we do seriously want Oliver and Madeline to date, we have to tell them that they aren't allowed to ;-) Brian already agreed to pay for the wedding!

Bath Time!

THIS is a far cry from our first, tear-filled bath in the tub.... Oliver regularly turns into a prune (fingers and toes only), and I can forsee many fights in the future about it being time to get out of the bathtub. Perhaps there's a swimmer in the making?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


In the last few days O has become infatuated with pulling up onto couches, chairs, Stella, saucers, and people... and his playpen and crib. He has also become too confident with being able to stand. Although it's not in this clip, he managed to stand on his own for 10 seconds!

Friday, October 14, 2011


I took three videos (one with his belly off the ground) today of O crawling. He crawls towards 'items of interest' like my cell phone, Stella laying down, and as shown here.... Gatorade bottles. Do we see a sponsorship in his future, perhaps? :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

O and S

Oliver and Stella have become best friends, and they put up with a lot of each other. Stella licks him (mostly his feet and hands now) and he pulls, tugs, yanks, etc. (mostly her fur). Here is a prime example:

Sunday, October 2, 2011

New England

I forgot how much I missed fall in New England.... the weather today is perfect. 65 degrees, slight breeze, and sunny. (I suppose it makes up for yesterday's torAlign Centerrential downpour!)

I'm looking forward to beautiful weather the next few weeks, and spending LOTS of time outdoors before we have to put on the coats and snow boots!

Snuck this one in today:

THIS is also one of my favorite things about being back in New England:

Despite the poor weather, we drove up to see Sarah's field hockey game in Amherst. Her team won 3-1 (yay!) and she scored the 2nd goal of the game. Oliver is such a trooper about traveling, but he does get a little scared when people cheer - we're working on it!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trying to cr... walk?

This video pretty accurately depicts Oliver's struggles with crawling. He is very frustrated to say the least. He knows exactly what he wants to do, but can't figure it out. He's trying to stand up (as you can see with his feet) as opposed to crawling. It's pretty cute, but he doesn't think so! It's a pretty good yoga position to say the least :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our latest 'trick'

I tried ALL day to get this video, and finally did. I had to delicately balance the camera on my knee and do 'my part' - otherwise O was too busy focusing on the camera. He's getting better at ignoring it, I just need to be hands-free for this one! Enjoy!

Thanks to Grandma and Gigi for also practicing this with O the past week!

(I also like how he's got a soccer ball in his lap, and Stella is exhausted in the background from our evening walk.)

Friday, September 23, 2011

7 months!

Today Oliver is 7 months old and I can hardly believe it!

Once again, it's rainy here in the northeast... and Ben is in Florida at a conference (Lucky duck!)

Today has been a great napping day. Both naps (yes, only two!) were without crying one bit. We managed to get out to Stroller Strides (in the mall, yippee! = Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte for me!), and get back without a cat nap. That meant he slept from 10:30 - 12:15, and has just gone down again at 4:00 for his reinstated 'Oprah nap.'

We also got to Skype with Grandpa (in Colorado) and Auntie Sar (at college!)

I love those beautiful blue eyes!

A little mischievous, yes?
(I WISH I knew what he was thinking most of the time, especially in times like this!)

Gigi's friends, Alex and Gloria, gave Oliver these awesome nesting/stacking alphabet blocks. Although they say 2+, we've been playing with them (under supervision, of course!), and he really likes to knock them down. Sometimes he even tries to clap when he does it!

(The music in the background is his Baby Einstein CD playing, I didn't add it!)

This is truly the best sound in the world....

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Updates.... (again)

Updates. (I feel like I'm always updating and never actually blogging as things happen - oops!)

Before we begin, here is a mathematical equation to represent our current food standings.
banana > pears > avocado > sweet potato > carrots > squash > peas
(Peas are the bottom rung by a LONG SHOT)

Up next: apples, peaches, asparagus
(it smells and looks awful, so I won't blame the kid if he doesn't like them!)

Our 6 month check-up conversation went like such...
Doctor: "Can he sit up?"
Me: "Sure, for about 25-30 minutes at a time."
Doctor: "Great, how long can he sit without leaning on his hands?"
Me: "About 25-30 minutes at a time."
Doctor: "Oh really? Wow. Let me see something." (Doctor holds O under the armpits, and leans him forwards like he's falling. Oliver puts his hands out as if to catch his fall.)
Doctor: "Mrs. Porter, I'm afraid you're in trouble. He has what we call 'parachute reflexes' already. I wouldn't be surprised if he is walking by 10 1/2 months."

Awesome. Let the baby proofing begin! (Note: crawling or attempting to crawl is far from his favorite thing to do.... he gets so frustrated because he knows what he wants to do, but can't. Maybe he'll be like Auntie Sar, crawl for a day and then walk!)

Oliver and I did our first 10K last Saturday (9/10) in Danbury and I was really worried about the timing, him needing to eat, nap, etc. but it went really well! I was the first stroller to cross the finish line, we did it in 57:15 which boils down to a 9:12/mile pace. Not bad for our first race! (The course was a double loop, and about 1.5 of each 3.1 miles was a very steady incline, good thing we've been practicing hills!)

We bought this snuggly hat at Target yesterday (side note: they have REALLY cute North Face-type jackets and other adorable winter clothes for kids). I clearly panicked because of the suddenly cold weather (45 degrees walking the dog yesterday morning!) and bought him sweaters, fake ugg boots (they're cuter, with little doggies on them). This hat was nice and warm, so he fell asleep in the stroller this morning :) So angelic!

This might be one of my favorite pictures of O to date. First of all, he's smiling. His smile makes everything okay. Second, this was my sweatshirt as a kid. (There are pants that go with it). It's a size 2T. Yep, that's right. It barely fits over melon head! Plus, you can see his two little teethies!!!! (I've been trying to capture them for more than a month now!) I also love that this was right after our Stroller Strides class ended (at Kensico Dam, behind him in the picture), and he loves playing on the mat when we're done. There are also about 3 other babies his age (a boy 1 day older, a girl 1 day younger and another adorable girl 3 weeks younger - I think he's got a crush on her!). It's really cute to see them interact, grab each other's shoes, and make noises at each other.

P.S. A HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE congrats to my cousin, Danielle, and her husband, Dan. They're expecting in February and we couldn't be happier for them. If you're interested in following their story, check out their blog (selbysonline.blogspot.com). Love you guys! xoxo

Friday, September 2, 2011

'Dating' after Marriage

I think I should begin this blog entry by saying that the title, albeit slightly misleading, is the only title I could think of as appropriate for this 'revelation'. Ben and I are perfectly happy, and this does not allude to any problems, just trust me and please read on.

I've found that there are two types of so-called 'dating' after one gets married. The first is dating for couple friends, and the second I've recently encountered is dating for mom/baby friends.

Ben and I experienced the first (couple dating) together, mainly when we were living in North Carolina. We had single friends, who would invite their significant others out with us, and that was totally normal and not discussion-worthy to us. Then, we were asked out on a date. We took Stella to PetSmart dog training classes (pre-pregnancy), with the SOLE intention of training her (the results are often debatable), but found ourselves surrounded by couples with dogs. Small chat was made during class, and sometimes even on our way in or out of the store. It mainly had to do with the dogs, their behavior, and how well we (as owners) were doing our homework with practicing the training. On the last night of class, after puppy graduation (and Frosty Paws), a lovely young couple chatted with us. Background: they're both Romanian and Ben and I are pretty sure he's the real-life Jason Bourne in the military, speaks about 14 languages, and gets sketchy phone calls that he 'has to take care of'. They approached us after class, made some small talk, and then said "we should grab dinner sometime, can we exchange phone numbers?" We did, we hung out with them a few times, invited them to our Super Bowl party, and then our 'couple friendship' faded into the distance.... like a relationship that had just taken it's course.

The second type of 'dating' I have experienced since moving back up North, over the past two months or so. It happens while I'm walking the dog and Oliver sometimes, but mainly during my trips to Stroller Strides. If you get a group of moms together, mostly stay-at-home moms, they're bound to chat, and 'find' each other. I met a few very nice moms while we were in Ridgefield, who sent and/or accepted Facebook friendship requests (does that make our 'friendship' official?). I met a very nice mom last week, who has a son one day older than Oliver, and it was obvious from early on that we had a lot in common - other than our same-aged babies and desire to 'get out and do something' every day. We were walking back to our cars after class when I said "well if you're here on Friday, we will see you then." I was caught a bit off guard when she responded "yeah, and if you guys don't have anything to do after, maybe we can grab a coffee or something..." A date? I was asked out on a Mommy date! I was very happy to have 'made a friend', and to have a good excuse to go sit and have a cup of coffee, but I really wanted someone (like Ben) to laugh with about the whole situation. We had coffee today, and Oliver's playdate slept the whole time. It was nice to have some adult conversation, and discuss the issues that are oh so pressing in our lives these days (Did he like Peas? How often does he wake up? What is his bedtime routine?), as well as the 'getting to know you' questions we most likely asked our husbands when getting to know them. Now, that we've exchanged numbers - she said she would text me so I have her number, although I'm still waiting. Wait, what? This is like dating all over again. I'm wondering how she thinks our date went. Will she ask me to go to lunch next, or will she spend next class trying to find a new Mommy friend? Hahahaha. I can't help but laugh at the whole thing.

The bottom line is that I thought I was done with dating when I got married. It's just different type of 'dating' now. That is all. Best wishes to all who 'Mommy date.'

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oliver's "Stella dog"

I snapped this picture on Friday, while little man was taking a nap - for which, I might add, he went down for without a single noise of fuss.

The whole 'Ferberizing' thing we've been doing (an adjusted version of) suggests that they have a consistent stuffed animal to snuggle with as they fall asleep. We have a small stuffed animal that family friends gave us as a gift before Oliver was born, because it resembled Stella. We bring it with us in the car, wherever our real Stella can't come with us. (Ironically enough, it is one of only two of Oliver's toys that Stella reeeeeeally likes). I've been letting O snuggle with this in the car, and he's fallen asleep with it up against his cheek, but I obviously couldn't snap a picture - whenever I stopped to, he woke up!

I love this picture, and hope he enjoys it someday half as much as I do :)

Stella's smiling knowing how much trouble she'll get into with this guy.

Sweet Potato!

The latest phase of Oliver's almost 6 months (gasp!) has involved REAL food. Well, it's pureed, and has some breast milk added, but it's still food I suppose! This is a video from today *8/21* of his very first taste of sweet potato. He polished off the whole Baby Bullet serving. He'll have it for three more days, to ensure that he doesn't have any reaction. Then, we can try another food. As much fun as it is to make and give him food, I can't help but be a little sad about how fast he's growing up. He also sat up, unassisted for about 2 minutes today (until Stella came and kissed him). As my mom would say "my baby's not a baby anymore!" He's far from Kindgergarten, but it sure is flying by.... I'd like to pause it all. Right at this age. Thanks!

Monday, August 8, 2011


I took this video this afternoon, at my mom's house, and I'm very glad I captured the chatterbox on camera. The reason for the weird angle? (and not from above) He doesn't talk when the camera is there. I'm sure that will change...

Make sure you have the volume up before you watch this! :)

He's been like this for hours on end the last few days - at Stroller Strides, in the Grocery (Tarzan in Aisle 3!) and in the car so much that I've turned off the radio to listen to him singing :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Saucer....

This is the latest example or evidence that this child is going to be active, and quite a handful. Is he content to stand in his saucer and play with the lovely farm animals? Nope, not this kid. He (at 5 months, 1 week and 5 days) has figured out how to MOVE the saucer across the room with his own 17 pounds of body weight. Physicist in the making? perhaps...

P.S. I love how Stella is just laying there.... and for all of you concerned, I stopped the video to remove him from the saucer - as it got dangerously close to the stone behind him :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

88 GREAT Years so far... and a few more updates

Last Wednesday, July 27th, was my grandmother's (Oliver's great grandmother's) 88th Birthday! My mom planned a lovely picnic at Island Beach (Little Captian's Island) for her, and we had a little help from above with the weather. As the radio said, "one of the top 5 beach days this summer!"

Oliver even took a little siesta on the beach towel/blanket from his CO grandparents (good buy, guys!).

Amie (Oliver's aunt, aka A-squared) and her boyfriend took the NJ/NY bar exam. We are LOVING being so close to them, and Auntie Sarah:

Saturday, July 23, 2011

5 Months Old

Today Oliver is 5 months old. I can NOT believe it.

It really seems like just yesterday I was checking into CFVMC, but at the same time it feels like he has been here forever. What did I do with my days before him? No clue.

Here is munchkin playing with his saucer, he loves the cow. Notice the adorable shirt we bought at Gymboree the other day (such a fun store, great boy's clothes), Ben picked it out and the little lamp thing glows in the dark! I love how he and the fish are facing the same way with similar expressions!

We are really starting to be on a clear-cut schedule, which means only one thing - it will inevitably change very soon! Perhaps we will sprout a tooth. Drool + boogers + items into mouth = potential tooth on the way.
On an average day, we are up at 5:45/6:00 to eat, and go back to bed for another hour or so (for both of us, most days).... a quick power nap around 9:30 or 10:00, and then another one around 12:30 or 1:00.
Finally, a nice afternoon 'Oprah' nap from 3:30 - 5 here or there.

Our bedtime routine consists of reading until Daddy gets home, then taking "Stelladog" to the dog park, taking a bath, listening to a CD while eating and then falling asleep.

Here we are reading today:

We had been using the Sleep Sheep, but I bought a projector/sound machine today (at the suggestion of a friend, thanks Mary!) that doesn't automatically shut off after 23 or 43 minutes.
Side note: I had noticed that Oliver wakes up immediately when it shuts off during daytime naps in the crib.... hmmm. Fingers crossed this works well to help him stay asleep, and get himself back to sleep. It's very hard when you're still getting up every 2 1/2 - 3 hours. He doesn't need to be changed, or fed, just wants to be rocked back to sleep. And it's even harder because I love cuddling.... ::sigh::

Here's my 5 month old.... crazy how quickly it goes by!
(How did I get a kid with blue eyes and blonder hair each day?)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Swimming - take 2

Yesterday we took Oliver swimming again, this time in a little baby pool which was much more productive for everyone. He LOVES Auntie Sar, and much enjoyed being able to put his feet on the bottom of the pool. It was 18" deep, just perfect for his little self. Check out the belly on this kid! :)

He managed to suck his thumb and walk in the pool at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking!


Oliver can make bubbles!
(which inevitably leads to a very wet chest/shirt)

Giggle :)

This is without a doubt the best sound. Ever.

Turn the volume up if you can't hear it well.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Updates... a few of them...

Update #1: We went swimming!

We've been trying to get to a pool for weeks now, but just haven't made it. This time (7/10) it was for my cousin, David's graduation party. Lots of our family came, including a few people who hadn't met Oliver yet. He spit up on one, peed on another (nice), and was relatively well behaved in front of everyone else. He didn't cry or anything in the water, until it was time to come out. I don't imagine the wet, heavy diaper was too comfortable.

Update #2: Ben and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on Monday (7/11)

My mom offered to babysit, so we took her up on it! Ben and I enjoyed our second time out (first was for Daphne's wedding in May), but our first dinner alone since Oliver's birth in February. We went to the Tarry Lodge in Port Chester, NY. Which is now owned by Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali (think Iron Chef with bright orange crocs), and our dinner was amazing. I had a salad with white bean dressing, grilled salmon and green beans, and the BEST marscarpone cheesecake in the world. Ben had smoked fish (can't remember what kind) with fennel, orange and olives, skirt steak, and the richest chocolate cake I've ever tasted. He could only eat half. Wow, this is making me hungry! We headed home, I fed him from 10:30-11 and we crashed.

Which leads into Update #3: Oliver has SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!

The first time was after our anniversary dinner, and I could have sworn it was pure luck, or a great gift to both of us. Ben and I were going through what it could have been. No Stella making noise, curtains on the windows, going to bed at 8:30 instead of 7:30, being in the Pack N Play not the crib, carpet around and not hardwood floors... any and everything we could 'blame' it on, we did.
But, then, he did it again last night. Although both nights I've woken up to check on him, he's slept till 6 or 6:30 am! It has thrown his feeding schedule off a bit, seeing as he now misses a 2am feed, or sometimes more than that.... but I'm fine with eating every 3 or 3 1/2 hours if it means 6+ hours straight of sleep! Haven't had that since before I was pregnant! Thank you, O!

More updates to come later. For now, fingers crossed for continued sleep.

Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm a terrible blogger

Oliver - 3 1/2 months (just before we left NC)
I LOVE this picture.

Now that we're up in Connecticut, and more or less settled into our lovely little cottage (pictures to come if I can manage it!), I realize that I haven't really updated any of this - not that more than just my parents read it :)

I've joined Stroller Strides, yup, that's right, officially part of the stroller-pushing, lunging, mom brigade power walking around downtown Ridgefield. There are some really nice people in it, some adorable babies, and I've enjoyed the resistance training - because the cardio I'm fine with doing on my own, it's the other "stuff" that I don't get around to independently. (Those of you mums and soon-to-be mums should look into it - it's well worth it!)

Last Sunday, Ben set me up with a few women from the club who run, my "running date" as I call it went pretty well. We did 5 miles in about 48", not bad for my first non-stroller run in 6 months! :) I'm hoping to run with them every Sunday morning, and then once during the week - possibly Wednesday or Thursday, with the stroller along the 2.5 mile out and back sidewalk on Main Street. Weather pending, obviously...

I also went to the chiropractor the other day for the first time in, oh, 3 years, thanks to the receptionist for telling me exactly how long it had been. I feel like a totally new person. I'm pretty sure that my old neighbors in NC could hear the cracks come out of my back, neck, hips, and shoulders they were SO loud!

Hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July and enjoys some Wimbledon tennis - not tomorrow, though, if Sharapova loses more than 4 games it's an embarrassment. Oliver and I are headed to my grandma's to watch the Men's final on Sunday, VAMOS RAFA!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day...

First blog entry from CT!
(I know we've been here for almost a week, sorry!)

In honor of Father's Day...

Oliver and his father:
Oliver and my father:
While at Father's Day Dinner, we tried the Johnny Jump Up.
... not a whole lot of jumping going on!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The next chapter...

As Oliver sleeps in my arms (Sportscenter wasn't that interesting today), I can't help but feel super excited about the next chapter in my life. Yesterday I said goodbye to my last group of students in North Carolina - only misty eyed when one little boy cried, I did lose it when a 3rd grader started crying because she found out I was leaving, and she (an absolute cutie pie) wasn't going to be in my class. Anyway, I think I held it together better than usual because of what lies ahead. Not only moving up to CT and being closer to family and friends, but spending all next year with my munchkin.

I can't wait for our adventures :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dancing and Hiccups

Little man loves marching, looking at himself in the mirror - all while having hiccups!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Welcome cousin, Braelyn!

Welcome to the world, Braelyn Leigh Bruinsma!
Cousin Braelyn was born 5/26/11 at 8:49 MST.
She was 6lbs 12 oz and 20" long.
Oliver can't wait to meet his cousin in Colorado! :)

I could get used to this!

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, so I have a three day weekend (yippee!), and I'm realizing just how much I'm going to love staying at home with my little man next year.
We've done errands (Target, Sam's Club, Walmart) and I love seeing him look up at all the pretty colors - he always manages to wake up right before we go into a store.
We've napped - on couches, Oliver in his crib, in chairs, in bed, and during the DVR replay of DWTS.
We've walked - in stroller and in backpack, in the woods and on the road.
We've played - on the gym, in the Bumbo, on the pillow (as above), on my lap, and on Stella.
We've even watched some TV. I put the tennis on (French Open) to check some scores, and guess who was FASCINATED by the red clay. Yes, the apple doesn't fall far. And I did tell Ben, who responded with some comment like "obviously!"
He has even let me shower both days, and cut up veggies for this week's salad. We're starting to figure schedules out a little better, although walking the dog at 5pm used to be okay, when it's 97 degrees at 5pm, we have to adjust.
Hope everyone has a great day off tomorrow! :)

Friday, May 27, 2011


Oliver had just woken up from a nap, and we had a little bit more tummy time... with the assistance of a pillow and blanket (to minimize the Stella hair in the mouth situation) and look what we got on film! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I love...

I love our little family...

And our bigger family...

...and this little guy (and his belly)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Babies cry.

Dear employees of Jason's Deli,
I know that this might go against your years of child development and advanced psychology experience, but babies cry sometimes.
Julie Porter

Yesterday, I was at Jason's Deli with my mother-in-law, Oliver, friend Jennifer, her husband Chris, and their 2-year old, Alexus. Ollie had been sleeping, then woke up when our friends arrived. After about 10 minutes of staring at his cougar date, he got fussy. I got up and was walking him around behind your salad bar when two (2) of your exemplary employees decided to butt in.

Employee 1: "My friend's baby has colic too."

Too? No. He's just cranky. Probably upset that it's 23 degrees in your restaurant. He wants to sleep, but is afraid to miss something. He might be crying because you're up in his grill.

Employee 2: "Awww he's teething, that's the worst!"

Well, no, genius, he's 12 weeks old.

When he stopped crying and went to sleep, I wanted to say "told you so" or stick my tongue out. But I didn't. Because that's not what moms do.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Little man...

We are starting to figure out our schedule a bit more these days, and are usually in bed asleep by around 9ish. We've woken up twice nightly all week, which made for a fun week at work (especially at field day today - yippee.)

Stella LOVES Oliver... even though the jury is still out on how he feels sometimes.
Her favorite thing is to lick his hands, head, and face (right after he spits up, yum!)

Oliver has QUITE the personality....aside from this "Mum, enough with that camera..." picture (above). I've learned that he has a temper, especially when he's hungry. When he's tired he does what we like to call the plank. He straightens his back out while he yells and the only way to calm him down (think straight jacket) is to hold him tight.

This little boy has completely stolen my heart. Blue eyes, Beiber combover, slobbery chin and all.