Follow us on our journey through the last few months of pregnancy and our first days with our baby boy (due 2/15/11)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

5 Months Old

Today Oliver is 5 months old. I can NOT believe it.

It really seems like just yesterday I was checking into CFVMC, but at the same time it feels like he has been here forever. What did I do with my days before him? No clue.

Here is munchkin playing with his saucer, he loves the cow. Notice the adorable shirt we bought at Gymboree the other day (such a fun store, great boy's clothes), Ben picked it out and the little lamp thing glows in the dark! I love how he and the fish are facing the same way with similar expressions!

We are really starting to be on a clear-cut schedule, which means only one thing - it will inevitably change very soon! Perhaps we will sprout a tooth. Drool + boogers + items into mouth = potential tooth on the way.
On an average day, we are up at 5:45/6:00 to eat, and go back to bed for another hour or so (for both of us, most days).... a quick power nap around 9:30 or 10:00, and then another one around 12:30 or 1:00.
Finally, a nice afternoon 'Oprah' nap from 3:30 - 5 here or there.

Our bedtime routine consists of reading until Daddy gets home, then taking "Stelladog" to the dog park, taking a bath, listening to a CD while eating and then falling asleep.

Here we are reading today:

We had been using the Sleep Sheep, but I bought a projector/sound machine today (at the suggestion of a friend, thanks Mary!) that doesn't automatically shut off after 23 or 43 minutes.
Side note: I had noticed that Oliver wakes up immediately when it shuts off during daytime naps in the crib.... hmmm. Fingers crossed this works well to help him stay asleep, and get himself back to sleep. It's very hard when you're still getting up every 2 1/2 - 3 hours. He doesn't need to be changed, or fed, just wants to be rocked back to sleep. And it's even harder because I love cuddling.... ::sigh::

Here's my 5 month old.... crazy how quickly it goes by!
(How did I get a kid with blue eyes and blonder hair each day?)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Swimming - take 2

Yesterday we took Oliver swimming again, this time in a little baby pool which was much more productive for everyone. He LOVES Auntie Sar, and much enjoyed being able to put his feet on the bottom of the pool. It was 18" deep, just perfect for his little self. Check out the belly on this kid! :)

He managed to suck his thumb and walk in the pool at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking!


Oliver can make bubbles!
(which inevitably leads to a very wet chest/shirt)

Giggle :)

This is without a doubt the best sound. Ever.

Turn the volume up if you can't hear it well.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Updates... a few of them...

Update #1: We went swimming!

We've been trying to get to a pool for weeks now, but just haven't made it. This time (7/10) it was for my cousin, David's graduation party. Lots of our family came, including a few people who hadn't met Oliver yet. He spit up on one, peed on another (nice), and was relatively well behaved in front of everyone else. He didn't cry or anything in the water, until it was time to come out. I don't imagine the wet, heavy diaper was too comfortable.

Update #2: Ben and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on Monday (7/11)

My mom offered to babysit, so we took her up on it! Ben and I enjoyed our second time out (first was for Daphne's wedding in May), but our first dinner alone since Oliver's birth in February. We went to the Tarry Lodge in Port Chester, NY. Which is now owned by Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali (think Iron Chef with bright orange crocs), and our dinner was amazing. I had a salad with white bean dressing, grilled salmon and green beans, and the BEST marscarpone cheesecake in the world. Ben had smoked fish (can't remember what kind) with fennel, orange and olives, skirt steak, and the richest chocolate cake I've ever tasted. He could only eat half. Wow, this is making me hungry! We headed home, I fed him from 10:30-11 and we crashed.

Which leads into Update #3: Oliver has SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!

The first time was after our anniversary dinner, and I could have sworn it was pure luck, or a great gift to both of us. Ben and I were going through what it could have been. No Stella making noise, curtains on the windows, going to bed at 8:30 instead of 7:30, being in the Pack N Play not the crib, carpet around and not hardwood floors... any and everything we could 'blame' it on, we did.
But, then, he did it again last night. Although both nights I've woken up to check on him, he's slept till 6 or 6:30 am! It has thrown his feeding schedule off a bit, seeing as he now misses a 2am feed, or sometimes more than that.... but I'm fine with eating every 3 or 3 1/2 hours if it means 6+ hours straight of sleep! Haven't had that since before I was pregnant! Thank you, O!

More updates to come later. For now, fingers crossed for continued sleep.

Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm a terrible blogger

Oliver - 3 1/2 months (just before we left NC)
I LOVE this picture.

Now that we're up in Connecticut, and more or less settled into our lovely little cottage (pictures to come if I can manage it!), I realize that I haven't really updated any of this - not that more than just my parents read it :)

I've joined Stroller Strides, yup, that's right, officially part of the stroller-pushing, lunging, mom brigade power walking around downtown Ridgefield. There are some really nice people in it, some adorable babies, and I've enjoyed the resistance training - because the cardio I'm fine with doing on my own, it's the other "stuff" that I don't get around to independently. (Those of you mums and soon-to-be mums should look into it - it's well worth it!)

Last Sunday, Ben set me up with a few women from the club who run, my "running date" as I call it went pretty well. We did 5 miles in about 48", not bad for my first non-stroller run in 6 months! :) I'm hoping to run with them every Sunday morning, and then once during the week - possibly Wednesday or Thursday, with the stroller along the 2.5 mile out and back sidewalk on Main Street. Weather pending, obviously...

I also went to the chiropractor the other day for the first time in, oh, 3 years, thanks to the receptionist for telling me exactly how long it had been. I feel like a totally new person. I'm pretty sure that my old neighbors in NC could hear the cracks come out of my back, neck, hips, and shoulders they were SO loud!

Hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July and enjoys some Wimbledon tennis - not tomorrow, though, if Sharapova loses more than 4 games it's an embarrassment. Oliver and I are headed to my grandma's to watch the Men's final on Sunday, VAMOS RAFA!!!!