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Friday, December 16, 2011

Getting ready for the holidays.

Oh, to be a child again at the holidays...

I snatched a few shots of O this evening after our bath and before bed time in front of our wonderful Christmas tree. I love the way it lights everything up, so much so that it's always so sad to take it down at New Year's.

In planning for this holiday season, and coordinating schedules with siblings, I remember what it was like to celebrate the holidays as a child. Amie texted me today, amidst a discussion about what time we would be over Christmas morning. "Great! Come have nugget (Oliver) wake me up like you and Sarah used to do." I also distinctly remember being able to hear my brother (through the air vents) wrapping our presents with newspaper last minute on Christmas Day.

Sure, I celebrated holidays in Connecticut, New York, California, Louisiana, Colorado, and many places in between... but nonetheless, the excitement that surrounds the entire season is unmatchable. I can't wait to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah this year with Oliver, and next year when he's bit more clued into it all - and we can do Elf on a shelf :)

I'll post sometime soon about a fantastic story we got from my Dad and Candy, about a little boy who celebrates both holidays as well!

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