Follow us on our journey through the last few months of pregnancy and our first days with our baby boy (due 2/15/11)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Paella - Take 2, among other things...

Tonight for dinner, we made paella in our 'new' paellera with REAL saffron - both straight from Spain! It was very good - although we still need to do a little bit of tweaking. We can't get the chorizo right - it always crumbles. Also, we'd like to crisp up the rice a bit at the end. Suggestions welcome.

The above photo was Ben's birthday present. I had it printed (www.photoatlarge.com) 6ft by 1ft and then framed at Michael's. We hung it in the kitchen, above the dining table, and I love it. He took the photo when in England over Christmas. It's of Newlyn Harbor, and his parents house is on the far right, so cool!

In other news, tomorrow we're 37 weeks - and 'fully cooked'! That means Peanut Porter wouldn't have to go to the NICU automatically. Check-up on Wednesday, so we'll see how we're doing.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another week...

36 weeks yesterday... almost fully cooked! I had my Group B Strep test done today, so we'll hopefully have the results by next apt (1/26). Fingers crossed that it's negative, with the penicillin allergy and all!

We picked up a GREAT exersaucer from our neighbor, Brittany, and her 2 year old Caroline... but as pictured here, Stella is really not quite so sure about what's happening.

Stella vs. the exersaucer, part 1:

Mommy and Daddy - what is that at the bottom of the stairs?

Hmmm.... it smells like a baby.

It's still there... what would you like me to do with it?

And then, there's the baby's room. She got to eat a bone while we were putting together the awesome rocker from Target, but is still unsure about the whole thing. She sat outside of his room growling/whining... but I think it's because she wants a little rubber giraffe toy that's sitting on the small bookshelf. It's all about to change....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

35 weeks down, ?? to go...

After three snow days (that we will most likely have to make up over spring break when I was planning on going to CT!), we're FINALLY back to work tomorrow (even with a 2-hr delay). Here's a pretty picture of the ice in the backyard:
I'm pretty sure there's nothing left that I can clean... the bags are packed and in the car, the clothes are organized, now Baby P just has to decide to make his entrance. I'm officially 6 weeks ahead of my lesson plans, and hoping to make it 8 or 9 by the end of this weekend.

We had our 35 week check-up today, and everything looks good still. Baby's HR in the 140s. The Dr. checked me because I've been having Braxton-Hicks contractions, and they've been pretty strong. But he said not to worry. Yet.

We're also going to our first Childbirth/Wellness class tomorrow night (rescheduled from Tuesday), so we'll see how that goes! Ben still thinks the Lamaze breathing (who who hee) sounds like the beginning to "We Will Rock You." As long as he doesn't start busting out Queen in the delivery room, I'll be a happy camper!

Stay tuned for what we learn at class tomorrow night!!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Wonderful New Year's Surprise :)

Ben came in from getting the post yesterday... and brought in a lovely (and VERY unexpected!) package from Caitlin!
Thank you, Caitlin!!!!!!!!!
Peanut Porter will be the best dressed little Yankee at the stadium!

New Year's Resolutions...

Top 5 New Year's Resolutions: (from about.com)
1. Spend more time with family and friends
2. Exercise more
3. Lose weight
4. Quit smoking
5. Enjoy life more

I agree with #1 and #5.... (see my resolutions below)

#2 - I feel like (even being pregnant for 33+ weeks of 2010!) I've done pretty well with exercise, even getting up for my 5am workouts before work. I have a few people to thank for this - Ben and Stella for not waking up when I get up... and:

The yoga and pilates DVDs have really helped my back pain and posture, with all the weight trying to shift me forward! The "Bounce Back After Baby" DVD was on sale for $3 the other day, so I picked it up, but we'll see how that goes in a little bit. I do miss running. A LOT. And I can't wait to put some races on the calendar for 2011. I still get jealous when I see people out on Saturday mornings doing long runs, but when I start training again, I'm going to aim to run faster, because I'll have another reason to hurry home :)

With respect to #3 (lose weight) I am WELL aware that I will gain more weight over the next 6 weeks... but then, it's game time! I will have just over 3 months to get ready before our first scheduled trip up north (sister's law school graduation and a wedding to go to).

#4 has never been an issue, luckily, but I wish everyone who is trying to quit smoking the best of luck and perseverance with that this coming year!

My resolutions for 2011 are as follows:
(some of them are going to be necessities with a newborn...)
- Keep the house cleaner
- Drink more water
- Stay organized
- Keep my car clean
- Cook more
- Not waste food
- Take more pictures

What are your resolutions?????