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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another week...

36 weeks yesterday... almost fully cooked! I had my Group B Strep test done today, so we'll hopefully have the results by next apt (1/26). Fingers crossed that it's negative, with the penicillin allergy and all!

We picked up a GREAT exersaucer from our neighbor, Brittany, and her 2 year old Caroline... but as pictured here, Stella is really not quite so sure about what's happening.

Stella vs. the exersaucer, part 1:

Mommy and Daddy - what is that at the bottom of the stairs?

Hmmm.... it smells like a baby.

It's still there... what would you like me to do with it?

And then, there's the baby's room. She got to eat a bone while we were putting together the awesome rocker from Target, but is still unsure about the whole thing. She sat outside of his room growling/whining... but I think it's because she wants a little rubber giraffe toy that's sitting on the small bookshelf. It's all about to change....

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  1. Hi cousin,
    Love your nursery and can't wait to meet baby Porter! :) Love you, xoxo...