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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

33 week update

Went back to the Dr. today... good check-up. Baby's HR is 140BPM, I managed to gain one pound since last time 2 weeks ago (over Christmas, how did that happen?) We go back in 2 weeks, and then every week after that - eeks!

Here are a few pictures of baby's room and some fun Christmas presents Ben and I bought for each other :)
The white letters for his name will go above the crib. The nails are already up! The changing table will go below the picture frames (l.) as the bassinet will move downstairs into our room, much to Stella's anticipated dismay... This I copied from Noelle's blog... (Thanks!)
How far along? 33 weeks.
Total weight gain:
23 lbs. (eeks!)

Body Changes?
I finally have that little dark line down the middle of my belly... weird!

The last four nights have been AWFUL. Twice I got up in the middle
of the night to eat a muffin... I have bad leg cramps, behind my knees (think growing pains) which the Dr. says is from needing more calcium (baby is stealing all of mine!)
Best moment this week:
Christmas. Thinking about how next year we'll be wrapping presents for Baby!

Baby Gender:
Boy, all boy.
Food Cravings: Crunchy vegetables (green beans, peppers) and Gatorade.
Symptoms: Still having food aversions (chicken - blech!).
All the time. Especially when I'm sitting down. He likes getting stuck under my ribs. Always VERY active right as I'm laying down to go to bed, as well as 3am. I guess that will be his witching hour, hooray.
What I am looking forward to:
Meeting the little guy!
Putting together the "My little lamb" swing from Aunt Ali and Uncle Michael (Thank you again!) and beginning to put together the hospital bag...

A fairly long-overdue story:

The Alson Family Bassinet (left)
This is a family heirloom. Pretty much everyone in my family has spent time in the bassinet, dating back to my grandfather and his older brother. My grandmother had it painted with a nice, new layer of paint and shipped down to us (in the largest box we have ever seen!). She decided that it's about 8-10 years away from being considered a true antique. We decided to keep it away from Stella as long as humanly possible! Isn't it beautiful?? We can't wait to add "Peanut"s name to the bassinet's list.

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  1. haha thanks for the mention, love the post! Max loved his my little lamb swing set and slept in that for two months haha You will love this weekly post the second time around b/c you will know what to expect during those weeks!