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Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Boxing Day

This is what we woke up to this morning. Stella peeked out of the window at 6am, saw that it was snowing and would NOT stop whining until we let her outside. We were afraid she had to go to the bathroom, or something semi-serious. She did get a bit sick (too much Christmas we think!), but mainly she wanted to play in the snow. We let her out for a little bit to make snow angels, eat the snow, and get it caked in her paws (see video above). Then, came in and I went back to bed. There are about 6-7 inches already down, and it's STILL SNOWING!
There are a good 6 inches of PERFECT snowball/snowman snow outside. We went to the store this morning before the snow melts and re-freezes. We've got enough 'supplies' (plus Christmas leftovers) to last for a while.

Ben's lost bag? Well, it was left in London - but JUST now (4pm) landed at RDU. We'll see how long it takes to get down to Fayetteville...

Here are some pictures of Ben's nephews in Penzance: (Joby and Max, top, Nat, bottom)

We had a a great Christmas yesterday, although we missed spending it with our families in England, Colorado and Connecticut. Christmas dinner (no pudding, it was in Ben's bag!) made both of us stuffed and exhausted. I'll put up more pictures later of all the great baby clothes we got from various family members :)

Happy Boxing Day! Enjoy the football!

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