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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sweet Potato!

The latest phase of Oliver's almost 6 months (gasp!) has involved REAL food. Well, it's pureed, and has some breast milk added, but it's still food I suppose! This is a video from today *8/21* of his very first taste of sweet potato. He polished off the whole Baby Bullet serving. He'll have it for three more days, to ensure that he doesn't have any reaction. Then, we can try another food. As much fun as it is to make and give him food, I can't help but be a little sad about how fast he's growing up. He also sat up, unassisted for about 2 minutes today (until Stella came and kissed him). As my mom would say "my baby's not a baby anymore!" He's far from Kindgergarten, but it sure is flying by.... I'd like to pause it all. Right at this age. Thanks!

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