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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oliver's "Stella dog"

I snapped this picture on Friday, while little man was taking a nap - for which, I might add, he went down for without a single noise of fuss.

The whole 'Ferberizing' thing we've been doing (an adjusted version of) suggests that they have a consistent stuffed animal to snuggle with as they fall asleep. We have a small stuffed animal that family friends gave us as a gift before Oliver was born, because it resembled Stella. We bring it with us in the car, wherever our real Stella can't come with us. (Ironically enough, it is one of only two of Oliver's toys that Stella reeeeeeally likes). I've been letting O snuggle with this in the car, and he's fallen asleep with it up against his cheek, but I obviously couldn't snap a picture - whenever I stopped to, he woke up!

I love this picture, and hope he enjoys it someday half as much as I do :)

Stella's smiling knowing how much trouble she'll get into with this guy.

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