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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

6 weeks...

It's baffling to me to think that if I hadn't had a C-section, I would be going back to work tomorrow. I still have two weeks at home with my little man, luckily! I know it's going to be hard to leave him, but I'm thrilled that he will have wonderful people looking after him for the days I have to go back to work. Ben will "babysit" (I seriously dislike when Dads say they are babysitting... um... it's your kid too!) him for four days, then Judith (Ben's Mom) is coming for 2 weeks. After that, my mom will be here for 3 weeks, and finally my dad for a few days to help me move up to CT.

Here's Oliver playing with his little gym (above) - Stella has figured out that the ladybug (center) plays music when it's pulled. Fantastic.

Oliver smiled for the first time on Friday morning (both Ben and I were there to witness it), and has been periodically grinning since then. It's my goal for this week to capture it on camera, I've come close!

Also, I went for my first run on Saturday - a whole 2 miles with Kristin and the BOB (love it!). I also started the "Insanity" DVDs that Chris burned for us... someone who hadn't worked out for 30 days should not be allowed to do the "fitness test." Results will be burned. At least there's plenty of room for improvement!

My dad and Candy are here visiting for a few days (after a slightly disastrous pair of Southwest flights here). So far the elliptical has been fixed and they've only been here for 14 hours!

Ollie with Grandpa...

...and with Grandma Candy :)

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