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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Smiles among other things :)

Oliver has been smiling for a little over a week now, most of the time at Ben, and it's been my goal to catch it on camera. I got pretty close (above) a few times, but haven't caught the full grin like we've seen it in person with silly voices. When he's falling asleep, he sometimes laughs and smiles - and I can't wait until he does it awake and in response to something we do!

This is a 6 month onesie, and although it isn't snug, it certainly isn't big! This is the one that Caitlin got for us, and Oliver is wearing it proudly tonight as the Yankees and Red Sox play. I can't wait until he's old enough to go to, and appreciate, a baseball game!

I love the picture above because you can kind of tell how blue his eyes are getting. When Ollie was born, they were the sort of steel gray that most babies are born with, but they've been getting progressively lighter and more like Ben's. I know they can change over the next year, but we'll see what happens. There's a pretty good chance they'll end up blue like Ben's and my dad's.

This (above) is a typical Saturday night in our house.... I've been reading a lot about babies and their schedules, or lack thereof. I would LOVE nothing more than to have Oliver on a 6-10-2-6-10-2 schedule, but I've read that some babies just don't need, demand, or even LIKE schedules. I have a feeling that is my child. He can eat for 2 hours straight, then sleep for 4. The next day, he'll be up at the same time, and just want to play. During the day, of course. Nights (fingers crossed) have been pretty good. We'll see what happens when the grandparents come to stay with us when I'm back at work, and whether that helps the schedule. Who knows!

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