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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend

Saturday afternoon we were very brave. We took Oliver on his first airplane ride!
After battling through an hour and a half of traffic on I-95 (people looking at the tornado path and damage, really - come on!), we got to RDU and they checked us in, albeit a bit late. Somewhere between checking in and running to our gate they gave our seats away. Could it have had anything to do with the fact that they put Oliver into the system as a lap child when we checked in? I hope not.

In any event, we waited it out and (somehow!) got onto the next flight to LaGuardia. Oliver was great on the plane, despite my nervousness. (Want a good article about kids on planes? Check out our friend, Vicki's blog article HERE!) He had a bottle on the way up which popped his ears, and on the way down he let out two loud screams and it was done! Hooray!

We rushed to change and get to dinner, where we surprised my step-dad for his 65th Birthday. It was also the first time Ollie got to meet Aunt Amie (below), Aunt Sarah (farther below), Uncle Mike and Aunt Ali. He also got to see his grandparents and great grandma again!

Aunt Amie (aka A-squared)

Aunt Sarah home from college for the weekend.

It was great to see everyone, we had a great Easter brunch (with a killer dessert table!) and I even had TWO... count 'em... two! pieces of sushi :) such a rebel.

We saw some family friends, went to the house Ben will be living in beginning in a few weeks, walked around the club, and began speaking to someone about where we'll be living. It's starting to seem a bit more real. Just a bit.

Here's my little man in his Easter outfit (from Old Navy), how cute? :)

Such a little stud!

Such a little "nugget" (as Amie would say), especially compared to Sarah's penguin!

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