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Friday, April 15, 2011

Play time with Stella

This afternoon we had a grand old time playing with our two babies. They were both fed, happy, and wanted some Mommy and Daddy time. This was a great opportunity to play as well as snap some pictures (and video from the earlier post!)

I love this photo (above) because it shows the incredible difference between the size of Stella's paw and Oliver's head... they're getting very used to each other, although Stella will be shocked at how quickly Ollie grows and how much more of her he will be able to handle in the coming months.

Once Stella gets situated (with a bit of help from one of us), she loves watching Oliver play on the floor. She thinks she's protecting him. This one is great just because they were both looking at Ben taking the picture!

Today he was wearing shorts.... well... they are 6 month shorts (the only ones we had clean), so they looked more like stylish gaucho pants. Anyway, Stella thought this was an open invitation to insert her snout into his shorts and sniff. Strongly discouraged.

Tonight is our first night in a new type of diaper - aimed at overnight protection, so we'll see what time little man goes until.... we've been pretty good at stretching meal times out to about 4 hours. I had to wake him at 8:15 to feed him tonight, he'd been asleep the whole time we were walking and while we went grocery shopping!

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