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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oliver's First Date.

Today, Oliver, Stella and I went across town to visit Lauren, Meredith and Micah Merkle. Meredith (born last September) was the first baby Oliver has played with, and Micah was the first cat Stella has seen up close! Here are some pictures from our afternoon:

Oliver wasn't a charmer... we showed up (he slept in the car for 30 minutes) and began spitting up everywhere. Nice first impression, eh? Then, after I changed his onesie (as you can see in the photos, he's wearing two different outfits) he managed a HUGE poop. I guess he wanted to see what Meredith's room and changing table looked like!

Stella and Micah had a fun time chasing each other around... Micah wanted to keep his eye on her at all times, and Stella wanted to sniff him. Luckily, he's declawed (front claws) so I wasn't too concerned with the potential damage.

All in all, a successful meeting!

Off to bed, Mother's Day tomorrow - hoping to start it off with a good trail run :)

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