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Sunday, May 29, 2011

I could get used to this!

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, so I have a three day weekend (yippee!), and I'm realizing just how much I'm going to love staying at home with my little man next year.
We've done errands (Target, Sam's Club, Walmart) and I love seeing him look up at all the pretty colors - he always manages to wake up right before we go into a store.
We've napped - on couches, Oliver in his crib, in chairs, in bed, and during the DVR replay of DWTS.
We've walked - in stroller and in backpack, in the woods and on the road.
We've played - on the gym, in the Bumbo, on the pillow (as above), on my lap, and on Stella.
We've even watched some TV. I put the tennis on (French Open) to check some scores, and guess who was FASCINATED by the red clay. Yes, the apple doesn't fall far. And I did tell Ben, who responded with some comment like "obviously!"
He has even let me shower both days, and cut up veggies for this week's salad. We're starting to figure schedules out a little better, although walking the dog at 5pm used to be okay, when it's 97 degrees at 5pm, we have to adjust.
Hope everyone has a great day off tomorrow! :)

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