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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Babies cry.

Dear employees of Jason's Deli,
I know that this might go against your years of child development and advanced psychology experience, but babies cry sometimes.
Julie Porter

Yesterday, I was at Jason's Deli with my mother-in-law, Oliver, friend Jennifer, her husband Chris, and their 2-year old, Alexus. Ollie had been sleeping, then woke up when our friends arrived. After about 10 minutes of staring at his cougar date, he got fussy. I got up and was walking him around behind your salad bar when two (2) of your exemplary employees decided to butt in.

Employee 1: "My friend's baby has colic too."

Too? No. He's just cranky. Probably upset that it's 23 degrees in your restaurant. He wants to sleep, but is afraid to miss something. He might be crying because you're up in his grill.

Employee 2: "Awww he's teething, that's the worst!"

Well, no, genius, he's 12 weeks old.

When he stopped crying and went to sleep, I wanted to say "told you so" or stick my tongue out. But I didn't. Because that's not what moms do.

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