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Friday, May 13, 2011

Little man...

We are starting to figure out our schedule a bit more these days, and are usually in bed asleep by around 9ish. We've woken up twice nightly all week, which made for a fun week at work (especially at field day today - yippee.)

Stella LOVES Oliver... even though the jury is still out on how he feels sometimes.
Her favorite thing is to lick his hands, head, and face (right after he spits up, yum!)

Oliver has QUITE the personality....aside from this "Mum, enough with that camera..." picture (above). I've learned that he has a temper, especially when he's hungry. When he's tired he does what we like to call the plank. He straightens his back out while he yells and the only way to calm him down (think straight jacket) is to hold him tight.

This little boy has completely stolen my heart. Blue eyes, Beiber combover, slobbery chin and all.

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